The IMPACT Zone, Automotive Direct Marketing Data


The IMPACT Zone brings you a full range of Automotive Direct Marketing Data Resources. Our full range of solutions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Precise targeting using a wide variety of selection and filtering options to identify your target market.
  • Response mechanisms such as Toll Free Numbers and URL’s or PURL’s to allow for direct response to your marketing.
  • Marketing and Response Analytics that allow you key insight to the performance of your marketing efforts.
  • Digital marketing solutions to allow you to reach out to your target market in many different ways.
  • Technology to help you provide management and accountability for all of the leads and traffic generated by your marketing efforts.

This is how we help you increase your ROI performance at every key stage!

These tools produce the IMPACT you seek!


Whether it’s Direct Mail, E-mail Marketing, Digital,Television, Radio, Newspaper and Print, Branded Merchandise and Gifts, or any other media you can think of, all of your marketing programs can be executed, tracked, and managed through our web based solutions.



Interactive Voice Response

URL/PURL Landing Pages

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Lead Management

​Tracking and Analytics

​Live Call Center

Internet Leads (ping/post)

Turn Key Direct Mail




Our vision is to enable our clients to maximize the IMPACT of their Direct Marketing Campaigns. To provide them with the latest and most effective technology to create, execute, and track the most effective direct marketing campaigns ever.

“We have been working together with the team at The Impact Zone for many years and have done hundreds of marketing campaigns with them. They have consistently provided turnkey solutions for data and customer tracking. They deliver results and they deliver on time.”
Kelsey, Advertising Agency in IL

“Great people. Nice to find a good honest company that works hard and lives up to their billing and then some.”

Christian, Media Production Company in CA

“My Impact Zone rep is a direct marketing expert and data guru whose expertise gives his customers an edge. His commitment to customer service is exceptional and I highly recommend his products and services.”

Skip, Marketing Technology and Advertising Company in IN

“We have been using The Impact Zone’s Technology components for our direct mail campaigns for the last 6 months, and we are incredibly pleased with the products and the service.  The Customer Service Team is ALWAYS available even despite the time zone difference, and the IVR and tracking products have performed beyond our expectations.  I would highly recommend TIZ to anyone involved in the direct mail industry.”

Josh, Full Service Advertising Agency in FL

“The Impact Zone has been a reliable vendor and consultant for data products for many years. Moreover, they have always been very personable and made doing business a great experience offering trustworthy products.”

Russell, Direct Mail Company in CA

“The Impact Zone is a great source for data… and not afraid to actually jump in and help you figure out the best target market and how to get there.”

Jake, Marketing Firm in CA

“These guys are very creative and very detailed. You get true experts when you hire The Impact Zone. Their data is always the best!”

Jimmy, Direct Mail House in FL

“After sourcing data from dozens of list brokers we finally found The Impact Zone.  We have now been using them for 5 years.  We keep coming back. It’s not just for the quality and variety of data products, but also the timeliness of turnarounds, the willingness to go the extra mile on unusual orders and overall the ease of doing business with them!”

Agency in California
“Our relationship with The Impact Zone is collaborative and has maintained as a solid lead source generation for our organization. They have a genuine approach and are sensitive to the customer experience. Their loyal team is supportive, creative and shows great care for their partners.”
Finance Marketing and Service Firm